Foreign Media Approach Nanchang County, Jiangxi Province and Praise the Development of Local Cluster Industry

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On June 3rd , the second stop of theactivitu “Jiangxi Rediscovery of Foreign Media” kicked off. More than 10 foreign journalists from Koreaxh News Agency and Overseas Chinese Newspaper of Europe came to Nanchang County, Nanchang City, which is known as the “first county in Jiangxi”. In the morning, foreign journalists visited the Xiaolan factory of JMC, located in Xiaolan Economic and Technological Development District.


Foreign journalists visited Xiaolan factory of JMC (photo by Hu Zhugen)

The factory covers an area of 2,600 mu and the project investment exceeds 15 billion yuan. Foreign journalists mainly visited the vehicle manufacturing workshop and watched the processes of stamping, welding, painting, intelligent equipment, logistics and distribution. At the exit of the workshop, instructor introduced the SUV sports utility vehicle with voice operation function which was on market in 2018.

Chen Haoguang, journalist of the International Daily News of Indonesia, said, “Both the car and the entire workshop’s intelligent production management system broaden my horizon. It can be seen that Nanchang County has kept up with the trend of the times in terms of industrial innovation and development. The automobile industry has upgraded from ‘manufacturing’ to ‘intellectual creation'”.


Chen Haoguang (left), journalist of the International Daily of Indonesia, experienced an SUV with smart voice function (photo by Hu Zhugen)

He Jiang, a journalist from the LiveJapan, had the same idea. He said,“The entire workshop produces both cars, pickup and off-road vehicles, and it achieves efficient production. This is a professional, intelligent and well-defined production line with high technology content, which reflects ‘China’s wisdom’”.


Foreign media journalists took photos at Xiangtang Logistics Port (Photo by Hu Zhugen)

When the industrial cluster develops to a certain level, there will be a strong demand for logistics. The prosperity of the automobile industry cluster has also promoted the development of logistics in Jiangxi. In the afternoon, foreign media journalists paid a visit to the Xiangtang logistics port in Nanchang County.

The development model of the upstream and downstream industry chain led by leading enterprises also left a deep impression on the foreign media journalists. Chen Haoguang, International Daily News of Indonesia journalist, said:,”In the planning of industry layout, Nanchang County can develop around the industrial cluster, form an industrial chain, take the automobile industry as the leading industry to foster logistics industry, and then promote the food and other industries with the logistics industry, a development model that is full of energy.”

In the same day, foreign media journalists also visited Huang Shanghuang Group Food Co., Ltd., prefabricated building industrial park, Jianxia village of Xiangtang town, Huangma Fenghuanggou scenic spot and other places to know the exploration of Nanchang county’s industrial transformation and upgrading, intelligent manufacturing, rural revitalization, cultural tourism industry and other aspects.


Zhao Yonghe (left), Vietnam News Agency journalist, asked about the construction of “beautiful village” in Jianxia Village (Photo by Hu Zhugen)


Foreign media journalists visited the local cultural tourism industry in Huangma Fenghuanggou Scenic Area (Photo by Hu Zhugen)