Promotion video for 2024 Spring Festival Gala

As the Chinese New Year approaches, the 2024 China Media Group (CMG) Spring Festival Gala is poised to dazzle audiences across the globe. With a rich 40-year history, this year’s Spring Festival Gala promises an audio-visual feast for the global audience. Featuring singing, dancing, opera, crosstalk and sketches, the gala mirrors everyday life and provides … Read more

Adventure along the Silk Road

0:00   About 2,000 years ago, Zhang Qian, an envoy of the Western Han Dynasty (202 BC-25 AD), began his expedition to the Western Regions and opened a trade route that later became the Silk Road. Who did he meet? What stories tell of his adventures? Let’s follow in his footsteps to experience his journey … Read more

Shanghai digital empowerment to the streets, towns, neighbourhoods villages and other grassroots units to promote

Towns, villages and other grass-roots units have a strong demand for public data and common tools, but often do not know what the city and district municipal unified construction of the digital results, resulting in cross-level digital empowerment of the effectiveness of the diminishing level by level, how to solve this problem? On the 15th, … Read more

Showcasing the Splendor of the Asian Games through the Lens: “Myriad Mountains and Seas” Photography Exhibition Debuts in Hamburg, Germany

Showcasing the Splendor of the Asian Games through the Lens: “Myriad Mountains and Seas” Photography Exhibition Debuts in Hamburg, Germany The “Youth and the Sea, Asian Games in Xiangshan” image exhibition, showcasing the charm of the Ningbo Xiangshan competition area of the Hangzhou Asian Games, is currently being held at the Hamburg campus of Zhejiang … Read more

How does Zhangjiakou’s Post-Olympic Economy Create More Growth Points with New Opportunities from the “Belt and Road Initiative”?

TopNews Express December 9, 2023, 23:22:06 Site Photo of Guoshi Forum: New Opportunities from the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ and New Images after the Olympics Photo by Han Bing, Journalist for China News Author: Chen Su This year marks the tenth anniversary of the “Belt and Road Initiative”. Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics has also been … Read more

Inside Shanghai FTZ|Zhangjiang “For the dreamers”: This is the stage for innovation and realized dreams

A biology-focussed version of ChatGPT can generate new macromolecular drugs with one click and conduct reliability experiments. A sign language model driven by artificial intelligence (AI) can become a personal interpreter for the hearing-impaired, whether it is assisting with medical treatment or daily life, it can do all the jobs. By putting on hi-tech mechanical … Read more

Hot discussion among domestic and international experts on the Great Wall: World Culture Heritage builds a bridge for communication between the East and the West

China News Service reported in Qinhuangdao on September 25 (Cui Tao, Zhao Danmei and Li Xiaowei). “World culture heritage has the power to increase cohesion.” said Thomas Coomans, a professor from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium when comparing the Great Wall of China with the Ancient Roman Wall. The picture shows that the “Assembly by the … Read more

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: “My Stories of Beijing”

Organizer: I Love Beijing Project Committee Submission Formats: Paintings, Short Stories Who: Calling all talented teenagers worldwide, aged 6 to 18! Submission Deadline: July 30, 2023 How to Submit: 1. Paintings: – Mail your captivating artwork, with the subject “I Love Beijing,” to:   Mr. Gao Beijing Publishing Group Theme Branch No. 6 North Third … Read more