Global Recruitment Announcement for Chief Officer of Zhejiang Transportation Investment Group

Zhejiang Provincial Transportation Investment Group was formed on December 29, 2001. It is a provincial-level transportation state-owned wholly-owned company located on the banks of the Qiantang River in Hangzhou, an international city with pleasant scenery.

浙江省交通投资集团 Zhejiang Provincial Transportation Investment Group

As of the end of 2022, the group holds 371 enterprises at all levels and e-listed companies, with total assets of 840 billion yuan. It has successfully received Fitch’s “A+” and Moody’s “A1” international credit ratings and ranked among Fortune Global 500 companies No. 302, the highest among the national a provincial transportation groups.

Zhejiang Provincial Transportation Investment Group has guided by the goal of building a world-class enterprise with “excellent products, outstanding brands, leading innovation, and modern governance” and has formed an industrial layout of “one body and two wings” of transportation infrastructure, industrial finance, and transportation-related industries.

1. Recruitment positions

This time, we are openly recruiting 1 Chief Strategy Officer, 1 Chief Digital Officer, and 1 Chief Financial Officer.

2. Requirements for recruitment positions

(1) Postconditions

1. Abide by the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, and have good social morality and professional ethics;

2. Obtain a master’s degree or above;

3. Generally, applicants with ages above 55 will not be accepted. Outstanding applications may get an exception.

4. Understand and act upon the corporate culture;

5. At least six years of experience at the world’s top 500 companies, large companies well-known to the world or China with middle or senior management or equivalent professional and technical ranks; hold a professor or equal research positions at prominent universities or scientific research institutions;

6. Recognized as a professional technical leader or a leading talent in the professional field by the provincial business supervisor or above.

(2) Job Requirements

1. Chief Strategy Officer

(1) Familiar with enterprise management, proficient in the operation rules of modern enterprises, proficient in mastering and using modern enterprise strategic management tools, and those with middle-level and above working experience in internationally renowned enterprises are preferred;

(2) Rich experience in corporate strategic management, in-depth research on corporate strategic direction, and successful cases of multi-industrial group strategic whole-process management;

(3) The top-level design ability of corporate strategy is vital. It can provide strategic services such as development planning, organizational structure, industrial layout, business model, and operation process for large-scale international enterprises with diversified development.

2. Chief Digital Officer

(1) Have a high reputation in the field of digitalization, have in-depth research on enterprise digitalization work, be familiar with relevant algorithms, be in line with the latest international research results, and be able to track and transform cutting-edge technologies in emerging fields;

(2) Rich practical experience in the digital transformation of enterprises and successful cases of digital transformation of large enterprises;

(3) Strong capabilities in top-level digital design, system construction, and application scenario development, capable of empowering corporate organizational transformation with innovative digital thinking, and middle-level and above working experience in large-scale enterprises with diversified development are preferred.

3. Chief Financial Officer

(1) The professional financial ability has been certified by internationally renowned institutions, the professional theoretical knowledge of accounting is comprehensive, familiar with modern enterprise management and economic laws and regulations, and has keen insight and unique insights into the development of economic digitalization;

(2) Rich experience in financial management, proficient in corporate financial budgeting, financial accounting, financial control, capital control, financing management, etc., with middle-level and above working experience in internationally renowned companies is preferred;

(3) Possess the ability to formulate and manage financial strategies, improve the accounting system, prevent financial risks, optimize cost control, and coordinate the use of funds.

3. Remuneration, benefits, and other benefits

1. Employment period treatment: The introduction of talents implements job performance goals and contractual management, and the first employment period is generally three years—remuneration based on professional ability interviews. According to work performance, will. Those who meet the conditions can enjoy relevant local supporting incentives.

2. Housing security: provide housing subsidies for talents who can live in a talent apartment or the corresponding level and enjoy talent housing or house purchase subsidies according to the group’s follow-up policies.

3. Other benefits: The Group will provide support regarding career establishment, children’s enrollment, and spouse work according to the actual situation of the introduced talents.

4. How to sign up

Sincerely invite global talents to join Zhejiang Transportation Investment Group!

Please log on to the website of Zhejiang Provincial Communications Investment Group (, and download the “Application Form” from the recruitment announcement page to register. Applicants are required to provide a passport or ID card, degree certificate (from bachelor’s degree to the highest degree, and the degree of overseas students must be certified by the Ministry of Education), work experience (every period of work experience from graduation to the present), work performance, host participation Scanned originals of related certification materials such as projects, scientific research achievements, awards and honors, professional qualification certificates, professional title certificates, etc. should be sent to the following email: [email protected].


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