2019 Jiangxi Tourism Industry Development Conference is Held

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On June 4th, the Jiangxi Tourism Industry Development Conference lasting for three days kicked off in Yichun City. More than 10 reporters from BETA News Agency of Serbia, Vietnam News Agency, Koreaxh News Agency and other media were invited to Yichun.

In recent years, Yichun has taken tourism as a strategic pillar industry and vigorously promoted the integration of hot spring culture, moon culture and tourism, focusing on building tourism brand such as hot spring health tour, ancient Zen tour, cultural creative tour and ecological sightseeing tour. In 2018, the number of tourists in Yichun City reached 90.04 million, an increase of 25%. The comprehensive tourism was posting revenue of 80.5 billion yuan, registering an increase of 31%.

On June 5th, foreign reporters embarked on a visit to Yichun’s cultural tourism industry.

In Gujingquan Street, the intangible cultural heritages are so much that reporters’ eyes can’t take them all in. In the Zen Cultural Expo Park, reporters can enjoy a cup of tea or copy a paragraph of scripture to experience the Zen life. In the ancient city of Wanzai, the characters in mythological stories and historical novels crossed the ancient lanes, giving people the illusion of travelling through time and space. The all-day immersive visit allowed foreign reporters to fully understand the development of Jiangxi’s cultural tourism industry represented by Yichun.

In the same day, the foreign media also visited Jingdezhen County, the world’s porcelain capital, and Wuyuan County, known as the most beautiful village in China.


Foreign reporters was appreciating cultural and creative products related with Zen(photo by Hu Zhugen)


Foreign reporters was watching tea art at the Zen Cultural Expo Park to have deep understanding of tea culture (photo by Hu Zhugen)


Foreign reporters were experiencing VR tourism in Smart Tourism Exhibition Hall in Yichun City(photo by Hu Zhugen)


Foreign reports were experiencing porcelain bowl’s singing in Jingdezhen County (photo by Hu Zhugen)


Foreign reporters were taking pictures in Huangling, Wuyuan (photo by Hu Zhugen)